This gives you much better speeds

This gives you much better speeds, though you are free to choose a server slightly farther if its performance it better than the one closest to your country. As can be expected, these licensed companies earn a fair amount of money from gamers’ paid accounts.



For a long time the only way to communicate during games was through the text-chat windows. The paid servers, which allow anywhere between 12 and 200 slots, are available at easily affordable rates, although they can only be sold to licensed companies.



Free servers from Ventrilo allow up to 8 clients at a time, while more than 8 can be accommodated on the paid servers.



Among multiple user VOIP servers, Ventrilo is the undoubted king. Besides, pausing multiplayer games means that you slow everyone down – not just yourself. The only reason certain products go this viral is that people know they work. Ventrilo provides game servers, game server hosting as well as the VOIP client, thus making a complete package for the gamer to host the game, play it and communicate while doing so. As Ventrilo is a tried and tested name in the market, a huge number of hosting companies has jumped onto the bandwagon.. The amount of sync data, graphics processing and other information that flows through a gaming system is much more than what a desktop with a home user’s broadband could handle. The same holds for Ventrilo – once you install the client and avail of the server, you can blissfully forget the rest of the world, log onto your multiplayer game, and spend your nights in a seamless haze of attacking, defending, winning, losing, building, destroying, and – above all – gaming.



To pull this off, a gamer needs communication. VOIP allows users to speak to each other over a network, using a server and a chat client.



The answer to this problem lies in VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol.



Also, pick the Ventrilo hosting company that cuts you the best deals. However, as is prone to happen in every large-scale market, the hosting companies all have different rates, and different perks that they hand out free with the subscription. These ended up being a recipe for disastrous gaming – imaging having to pause a first-person shooter game to chat with a friend. Though Ventrilo itself is a VOIP client, the server space it offers is often used by gamers to conduct the game itself. This means that gamers can conduct “conferences” of a sort, issue commands and revise strategy – all without taking their hands and eyes off the keyboard, monitor and joystick.



No matter what the perks are, all these companies know that Ventrilo is the best for a reason.



While Copper clad steel ground wire choosing a Ventrilo server, it is best to pick one that is close to your home location